Customized Keto Diet Meal Plans

Lose Up To A Pound A Day, Have Crazy Energy/Mental Focus, Without Having A Single Food Craving

Who Is The Keto Diet For?

Whether you’re trying to get your body back to its prime or lose those last pesky 10 pounds, I designed this program to make Keto easy & sustainable. You will be welcomed into a strong, supportive community with tons of other Keto fanatics just like YOU where you’ll receive all the help & motivation you need to stick it out to the end. These keto diet meal plans are for anyone who wants to get in great shape, boost their confidence, & feel great doing it!

Short on Time?

Being a dad of 4, I know how precious time is. That’s why all the meals in this program are easy to make and packed with flavor, and the workouts take no more than 25 minutes per workout to complete. So you can spend less time cooking and exercising, and more time with the ones you love.

Low on Energy?

One of the hardest things for me when I was overweight was not being able to keep up with my 4 kids. With the Keto meal plans, you won’t need 5 cups of coffee or energy drinks to make it through the day. Experience sustained energy so you can perform better at work and keep up with your kids at home!

Constant Cravings?

The Keto meal plans is a great way to naturally beat your cravings and repair your relationship with food. The healthy fats in the program will keep you satisfied for longer so you won't be reaching for bad foods or spending money on those problem foods as often, if at all!

New To Keto?

The Keto meal plans is the perfect place to start if you’re thinking about giving Keto a try. I designed this program to show people that it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to adopt and sustain a Keto lifestyle.  Even if you have no idea what a Keto Diet is, you can do great as long as you follow the program.

"The custom Keto Diet meal plans helps you lose weight, beat fatigue, & quit the carb cravings through the power of healthy fats."

If You Know Me...

You know I'm just a regular guy.   At one point in my life, I let life get in the way of my fitness. I have 4 kids (yes I have had 1 more since this picture) and I blamed my busy schedule on the fact that I was nearing 200 lbs.  I'm short, so for me, that was a lot of weight.  

Then there was one single thing I did that changed everything...I accidentally got into Ketosis (before I even knew what it was), and started shedding fat like crazy.

You see, I love to eat.  I love being outside, grilling up something delicious, or smoking meat till it's a juicy perfection.  I loved burgers, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, you name it...if you can cook it on a grill or in a smoker, I'm all in.  

It was when I got my first meat smoker that my life changed.  I focused so much time on smoking the perfect meat that I no longer craved the carbs I once had loved.  My wife asked me if I lost weight because I was looking so good.  At first, I said no, as I had not been weighing myself.

Later that night, I jumped on the scaled to see what she was talking about, and I realized that I had lost 10 lbs.  I might not be a professional model like you see all over the internet.  But as a regular guy with 4 kids, I'm proud of the way I look, and even more importantly, the way I feel.  Since being on the Keto Diet, I've started 3 different businesses simply due to the clear mind, extreme energy, and increased drive for greatness I now have.  I make more money now than I ever have, and simply put, I feel amazing.  All from using a diet so simple, I did not even know I was on it.


What Is Keto? And How Does It Work?

The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrate diet.

Through the restriction of carbohydrates, it re-programs your metabolism to burn your fat stores for fuel rather than using the glycogen stored in your muscles.

The low-carb intake helps to keep your insulin and blood sugar levels from spiking.

This allows your fat cells to begin releasing fatty acids, which your liver will then break down to produce what are called "ketones."

Ketosis is the physiological state that is achieved when your body breaks down ketones for energy rather than the glucose from carbohydrates.

What Are "The Keto Diet" Benefits?

Studies have shown that keto has all kinds of health benefits, these are just a few...

Increased Energy

Improved Performance

Mental Clarity

Improved Cognitive Function

Better Digestion

Slowed Aging Process

 my 60-day Journey!  

I am so excited that I discovered Keto, and the amazing benefits it has given me.  I look better, feel better, and have more confidence than ever before in my life.  I'm so excited to be sharing with all of you the exact plan that has given me the confidence to not only lose weight & look younger, but to give me the focus and energy to start not 1, but 3 businesses.  I think shaving the beard alone reduces my age a few years, sorry my bearded friends :)

I might not be a fitness model, but I'm a father of 4, normal guy.   And if I can lose the weight you can too!

Dan, Owner of Keto Pitmaster

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Start achieving the results you deserve right now

The ketogenic diet is based on science and is shown to have proven results. It utilizes your body fat for energy instead of glucose. While shedding the pounds, you'll feel the difference:

What's Inside The Keto Program?

An easy-to-follow program designed to teach you which foods to eat and which to avoid to get in and STAY IN ketosis. I've included everything you need to start burning fat for fuel...and MORE!

Choose any calorie target you want

Customized Keto Meal Plan ($197 value)

Archive your exact Keto macro ratio and calorie target without ever counting a single calorie or tracking foods in an app.  Choose any calorie target you want!

  • Every meal is specifically designed to help you shed fat and lose weight. With only easy to find ingredients, each meal is fast to prepare and tastes delicious
  • Nutrient facts for each meal are provided so that you can see exactly what you are eating in each meal, including a daily total.
  • The Grocery List is organized by Category, to speed up your shopping experience. You can easily buy for just yourself, meals for 2, or for your whole family with a built-in conversion table.
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    The meal plan Dashboard lets you quickly see what your average daily grams of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat are.
  • check
    You pick the calorie target you want to hit using our easy to use online calculator, then you get a custom meal plan to hit that exact calorie target.
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    Because these plans are customized to your exact calorie target, have full nutrient facts and have a detailed grocery list with estimated prices, these plans would cost you around $119+ from a trainer

Keto Diet Workouts ($37 value)

Now that your body will be running on a more efficient fuel source I want you to put it to use with extremely effective workouts designed for anyone’s goals.

  • Months of fat-burning workouts designed to maximize your fat loss. Can be done at the gym or at home, regardless of your current fitness level!
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    Includes body-weight workouts, weight training, HIIT training, and Tabata workouts that take only about 25-minutes to complete.
  • Lays out exactly what to do and how to track your progress so you can improve every single week!

Total Value = $183

Before Bonuses

FREE BONUS #1: Keto-Friendly Restaurant Guide ($28 Value)

Stay in Ketosis easily, even while you are out with the boys/girls

  • When you pick up the Keto meal plan today, you'll also receive a copy of my Keto-Friendly Restaurant Guide FREE of charge
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    If you find yourself on the go, or just simply want to snack at your favorite restaurant, this guide is a must-have. You'll learn exactly how and what to order to maintain your new Keto lifestyle
  • Includes delicious Keto-friendly options for your favorite restaurants

FREE BONUS #2: Keto Diet Secret Facebook Community ($49 Value)

Keep track of how you are doing compared to others in the group

  • When you pick up the Keto meal plans today, you'll receive access to a Facebook community where you'll get direct access to me and my team of coaches!
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    Accountability and support from me, my team of coaches, and your fellow Keto fanatics!
  • Share your progress, ideas, and encouragement to the community and reach your goals as a team!

FREE BONUS #3: Supplementation Guide ($29 value)

Yes, you can do this without supplements, however, they will make the transition quicker and easier than without them.  

  • Stop guessing what to take and when
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    Get into fat burning Ketosis even faster with the right supplements, to speed up your results
  • Stop spending money on supplements that don't work.  This guide will cut to the chase to review exactly what you need and why

FREE BONUS #4: HIIT Guide To Keto ($29 value)

Get 60 minutes worth of cardio, in only 10 minutes, without leaving your home.

  • Too much cardio can slow, or even stop your ability to gain muscle and lose weight.
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    We will show you step-by-step exactly what type of cardio, and how much to do when weight/fat loss is your goal.
  • Stop wasting time doing things you don't like for results that are slow or non existent.

Grand  Total Value = $369

Your Price = $0.00 Today

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you decide during the 1st 14 days that the program isn't right for you, just let me know and I will cancel your account, no questions asked.  Costing you nothing in the process!

Here's a quick recap of everything you'll receive...a $369 value for just $144

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Customized Keto Meal Plans

You Select The Exact Calorie Target You Want

Keto Diet Workouts

Keto-Friendly Restaurant Guide

Secret Facebook Community

Supplementation Guide

HIIT Guide To Keto

Total Value of $369

Customized Keto Diet Meal Plans

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This kiet diet program has had a ton of people lose weight and achieve not only their fitness goals but their life goals as well...

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Start achieving the results you deserve right now

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Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and listen to how your body can work for you.

I'm truly excited for you to get started with the keto diet meal plans, and see the results.

If you have any questions about this program, just ask them via Facebook messenger.

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